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Puppy Kindergarten

Many problem behaviors of grown Fluffy Friends can be prevented with a good education and a fair amount of socialization while they are young. Puppy…


Beginner Elementary Education

Are your parents always frustrated with you? Are you trying your best but still don’t have a clue what your parents are teaching you or…

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Intermediate Secondary Education

Congratulations! You’ve graduated from the Beginner Elementary Education! I bet that your parents are proud and that your friends are jealous! The next step is…

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Open Field Post-Secondary Education

Are you a perfect angel at home but tend to go a little crazy when you’re out? Do your parents ever have to leave you…

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Pack Leader Boot Camp

Like learning a language, obedience requires continual training and practice. A learned behavior could be forgotten like a learned vocabulary! Please don’t feel discouraged if…


I Train a Circus Dog

Are you full of energy or are you always hyper? Perhaps you have the talent to become a circus dog! You are going to make…

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