Just like humans, our Fluffy Friends require regular grooming to stay healthy. Without regular bathing, pets are more susceptible to skin, ear, mouth and ear infections such as ringworms and mites. Improper nail care can lead to early arthritis while matted hair can pull uncomfortable on skin and lead to hot spots.

Professional & Passionate

At Fluffy Groom, we are certified Professional Pet Stylists who are Patient, Skillful and value your Fluffy Friends as our own family members. We understand a trip to the veterinarian and groomer could be a stressful event for the Fluffy Friends at times. We take our time to care for them. We are passionate about making them feel like home and return with a wagging tail for their next appointment with us.

Personalized Care

We understand your specific needs about your Fluffy Friend’s hairstyle and provide personalized hands on care. Our Professional Pet Stylists take notes and keep them under your account so your Fluffy Friends are guaranteed to have a great haircut every time they visit us.

Our Fluffy Groom includes: Eye Cleaning, Nail Clipping, Pad Shaving, Brushing out Knots, Debris, and Loose Hair, Bath, Fluff Dry, and a special treat for your Pet!

We also offer other services: De-Shedding treatment, Pad treatment, Fur Butter Treatment, Shave-Downs, Puppy Cuts, Clips, Flea & Tick Shampoos, Teeth brushing, De-Skunking and other personalized grooming care.

100% True SPA Experience

We are an authorized retailer of the Happy Tails SPA product line. Happy Tails SPA products are Human Grade, All Natural and Eco-Friendly with coconut based surfactant. The products do not contain SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), parabens or detergents for the best care of your Fluffy Friend’s delicate skin. We discuss the type of shampoo, conditioner, and treatment we use with the Parents before we groom so there will be no surprises and you know what scent Fluffy Friend will be wearing when you pick them up.

Please call 604-733-1068 to book your Fluffy Friend a personalized Fluff Groom SPA experience with us today.

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